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Emacs is my favorite editor and I use it to finish lots of my work without a break.

Here is some problems which I met while I am using Emacs. I think there are helpful for the Emacs new guys.

2 Why my font setting changes while I open a new frame?

In many situation, we need to open some Emacs frames for better editing performances. For example, one for normal text editing and the other for ECB coding.

But I don't know why my Emacs font setting changed when I use command M-x new-frame to open a new Emacs frame.

I just don't like the default font which is used by Emacs when I start a new frame.

Trying to solve this problem, we need to set the default frame parameters by following code:

(require 'cl)
(let ((font-cell (assoc 'font default-frame-alist)))
  (if font-cell 
     (setf (cdr font-cell) "your-font")
     (setf default-frame-alist (acons 'font "your-font" default-frame-alist))))

Or just using M-x customize-variable RET default-frame-alist RET to set it.

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Author: Water Lin

Created: 2017-11-10 Fri 14:45

Emacs 25.2.1 (Org mode 8.2.10)